Tudor Replica got a Carbon Geneva Seal Certified Movement

Tudor Replica, one of six watch brands that currently have the Geneva seal (Cartier Chopard, Ateliers Des Monaco, Louis Vuitton Vacheron Constantin and Louis Vuitton), is the only one to produce every watch with this certification.

When Tudor Replica Excalibur Spider Carbon Flying Tourbillon was presented to me last year, this was the first thought I had. The watch features a DLC-treated crown and caseback in titanium and a flying tourbillon movement framework in titanium. But, more importantly, it is the brand's first watch to feature a movement plate, bridges, and tourbillon upper-cage completely made of carbon. Excalibur Spider Carbon is a light watch made of titanium and carbon components. It's also technically innovative in the way only Tudor Replica watches can.

The question was, "Would Tudor fake watches be the first to have carbon components certified according to its strict standards?"

It turns out that there are no objections to carbon or any other material that can be used for watches with the Geneva Seal. The Poincon de Geneve website contains a complete list of all the criteria.

When one examines the Geneva Seal criteria's "Craftsmanship" component, it is clear that there are requirements that a movement must be as beautiful and clean as possible. Polishing and removing machining marks from movement components has the double advantage of making it look better and allowing it to run more efficiently. It is only through good finishing that the actual shapes and surfaces of components can achieve the design promise. Because movement components are small, the extra step of finishing allows them to become as exact as possible.

Concerning the carbon parts of Omega Replica the hand-wound caliber RD509SQ we found that the finishing has all the elements we would expect.

Barrel bridge for the Tudor Replica Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon